Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back home from vacation. I did some work on following:
- Guild: Protector Titan class
- Guild: sniper girl
- Technocrats: commander Galba
some photos soon :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Proton storm event card WIP

In the game your luck can change with drawing bad event cards such as this one...

Battle Card still WIP but getting there :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Struggling with the brown stuff and scale creep... I'm trying to finish Guild Protector Titan but... his arm fell off when I tried to make some final corrections... oh well in the meantime here is the pic of the board system with several board connected for space/planet combat.

Cheers and thanks for your comments!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Brown Stuff putty has arrived! Can't wait to try it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You gotta have dragons

I must admit I love dragon figures. Since our game is a mixture of SF and Fantasy I would like to put one as a hero figure for Seraphim fraction. This fellow would be a genetically modified creature with DNA from hundreds of extinct animals to make him what he is, a highly intelligent genuine fire breathing iron melting bone crushing flying giant with impenetrable scale armor + some hi tech gear but we'll see about that :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Name issue

I am thinking about changing the name "Rise of Solaria". There is already one Solaria in SF world although not in gaming. If I stick to it I give credit to Asimov for naming his spacers planet Solaria.
Anyways, if something cool sounded pops out it is still not to late to change it, for now Solaria stays.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Heretics

"So my son... you are asking about this Solaria? I say a fairytale, and a bloody one it is... yes. Since the Prophet came and gave us the View and the Way we are dreaming of it. But the dream turned to nightmare quickly enough..."
Letter of the Heretic

The Heretics were banned from the Heaven for spreading rumors against the View and the Way. The prosecution became severe in 4th century and culminated in exodus of 2385 With two old freighters they took refuge in Miners Guild asteroid base on Ceres. They became highly involved in advancing the Guild technology. Also from their rows came squads of top genetically enhanced soldiers known as Protectors.

Techocratic League Commander (WIP)

It seems that our Technocrat have some serious competition:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Miners Guild: Yuri "Odin" Pavlazky

Here we have first Green 28mm figure made for Solaria.
Yuri "Odin" Pavlazky, hero of Miners Guild.

Behind the Game

As it happened things developed really poorly for our little planet since it happened that oil crises turned to global war in year 2068. Although there were many alternatives to fossil fuel, it simply wasn't convenient for moguls of earth, the real powers behind the politicians, to make the transition. It turned out their way was even more inconvenient since after the short Nuke war, which lasted only 2 months, what remained was tiny population scattered and of the Powers before the war no one survived to rule the planet. It took 100 years to restore civilization but the world wasn't the same green and blue place that we know but an Ice and water desert with only a tiny Equatorial belt over which new rulers of Earth fight over. The struggle gave birth to three dominant nations, fractions would be a better word for it.

Technocratic League emerged as a body of science oriented people that were the offspring of Swiss Science Association which survived the Nuke War in deep underground facilities. After the War they quickly attained supremacy over the survivors and established a Council as the supreme ruling body which formed Technocratic League. When global environment changed they decided to find a way to merge themselves with the machines to enhance their strength and achieve longetivity. Some Masters are more then 200 years old.

The Seraphim Order came to existence after the Prophet started his mission. No one knows from where he came but his message was powerful and his Views were radical. People who fled to what was left of habitual land were ready to listen. They were instructed by the Angels, which was a name given to closest disciples of the Prophet, to embrace New Way if they want to survive in the new world. Seraphim Order became involved in experiments with genetics and after few generation succeeded to produce living hybrid mutants.
Together with Technocrats they restored The Rim, huge orbital station built in the middle of 21 st. However in 2400 their paths splitted and they turned on Technocrats expelling them from Earth.

Miners Guild Before the Nuke War there were a colonies on Mars and Moon. Established in 2045 (Moon) and 2058 (Mars) they were the beginning of what was later known The Aresian Pact and in aftermath became The Miners Guild. The Aresians survived in small numbers without the support of earth but they succeed in establishing a government and developed habitats on Moon and Mars. In year 2273 they visited Earth and established diplomatic activities with Technocratic League. They were in good relations for 130 years but in year 2403 the colony of Moon were attacked by combine forces of Technocrats and Seraphims. The guild chose to abandon Mars after unsuccessfuly trying to defend it for 3 E.Y. (Earth years) and establish its headquoter on Io. When alliance of Seraphim and Technocrats broke they saw their chance to return to the Red Planet.


Oh well here it goes. After this I suppose it will be kind of official. Anyways The story of Solaria goes like this. It happened after being bitten by a Heroscape bug that I came to an idea to make my own game. So after much brain cell activity an idea has been formed and with generous help from my fellow gamers it took some roots and begin to develop.
Rise of Solaria is still in its beginning but hopefully here we can track the feedback on development and make in the end for gamers to enjoy.

Keep on gaming and stay in touch, more info ahead.

PS: please excuse any mistakes in spelling etc., English is not my native language.